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I recently purchased this product and I just wanted to tell you guys how happy I am with it. It solved my problem perfectly. I was propping up my window with cardboard pieces that will only work well for a week. Bought this ShimJim and it is just awesome. The window stays up and doesn't budge. It also is practically invisible, which I really like. Overall I am extremely satisfied with ShimJim and will definitely love to see it in auto stores everywhere.




SHIM JIM is a budget saver.  When my driver’s door power window failed I was looking at an immediate repair of close to $500.  Shim Jim gave me the time I needed to buy the replacement regulator over the Internet and have a friend install it.  Savings came to over $250.  And in Texas heat of 100 degrees driving with the window down was never an option.  The Shim Jim is virtually invisible when in place, also.  Nobody but me knew there was a problem.  Driving without SHIM JIM is like driving without a spare tire.



A few months ago, my driver side window would no longer go up.  As most things, it happened without warning, and like most people, I did not have $150 under my mattress to spare for repairs.  I started to panic a little bit because the cold/rainy days were upon us.  My husband had attempted to "fix" it temporarily but the window would still come down.  I found out through a co-worker about this great product called the Shim Jim.  I had it installed in my vehicle and it held up the window perfectly and very discreetly!

Thanks Shimjim for this great product!!      



I have been riding around with a back window that no longer goes up for about a year now and have tried using anything and everything to keep that window up. Nothing worked until I found the Shim Jim!!! I am so glad I found out about the Shim Jim, I had it installed about 3 weeks ago and the window is still up and in place. I am able to drive around again without the back window letting in all the elements, and wash my car without getting water into it....The Shim Jim really is awesome especially if you don't want to fork out a couple hundred to get the window repaired, like me!!

Austin, Tx



The Shim Jim works great, and I recommend you buy some of these if you get in a bind and your window does not go/or stay up. Works great!



Thank you for putting the Shim Jim in while I was out of town; it is STILL holding up my window several months later. Great idea Shimjim.



For the last year, I've had to jam a screwdriver in between my window and the car door in order to keep the window up. And even with that, I still had to push the window up every couple of weeks. Since I bought a Shim Jim over a month ago, not only have I not had to push my window up, but you also don't even notice the Shim Jim is there. It's great!



The ShimJim is a must-have product - - being busy at work, I simply didn't have the tim or resources to repair my window. Luckily, James with ShimJim was helpful enough to come to my workplace and install ShimJim for me, hassle free! So far my window has stayed put without difficulty. thanks, ShimJim staff for helping me out of a bind!



Hi. I just wanted to send James a thank you note for creating ShimJim. My window stopped working and would not close completely. I searched the internet and found James’ YouTube video. I ordered the piece and my window is intact. It’s easy to install. I am so excited becasue this piece has saved me $680.00. I will keep the piece in my window until it stops working.




I’ve been riding around for months with my passenger side back window half way down. I tried everything imaginable outside of using crazy glue to seal the top of my window and really thought I was going to have to shell out $970.00 of money I really didn't have to spend right now. I decided to Google search my problem and low and behold I came across ShimJim, what a life saver!!! I’ve been using for over a week and previous bumps that prior to ShimJim would make my window come back down doesn’t even budge an inch now that I’m using the ShimJim. I’m no longer afraid to go through car washes or trying to rush home to beat the rain. This product REALLY works!!! Thank you ShimJim!!!