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Have you ever been in a situation where your manual or power window has dropped leaving you in a bind?  I have had 3 windows in 2 vehicles fail on me….. 2 failed within 2 weeks of each other! Twice, I was literally on my way out of town and had to use note pads, business cards and whatever I could find in my truck to hold the window up. After the 6th time I was not ready to shell out another $400.00. I developed a better solution and came up with the ShimJim. ShimJim is a temporary solution when you need a quick fix until you can repair your vehicle’s manual or power window. 
ShimJim has been granted U. S. patent # 8,550,509.

ShimJim is a homegrown company that aims to provide an affordable and simple solution to your automotive window needs. The ShimJim wedge is the temporary solution you need when your vehicle’s manual or power window is unable to hold itself up. Designed by company owner, James Krotzer, the ShimJim wedge is easy to install and reliable. ShimJim prides itself in being an honest and humble company, dedicated to serving customer needs.